PRESIDENTS MESSAGE, JUNE. 2019 -  Robert Bomia


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE, Sept. 2019 – Robert Bomia

Well folks the good news is the Elections are over and Congratulations to all those that participated in the Federation Election Process. That includes those that Ran for office, those that won, and all those that took the time to vote. All the new board members elected Will be in office effective Jan. 1, 2020. Thank you Dan Brink our Election Committee Chairperson and the Board Appointed Committee for the great job.

Congratulations to Lisa Wilson our elected New President. I have the utmost confidence that she will do an outstanding job for the Federation, and its Members. Let’s all gather behind her and support her as our Flemish Giant Family. (It takes everyone to be a team). Also, Congratulations to Tom Orr, Amanda Hutcheson, and Jason Swenson elected Directors by the membership vote. All those that ran were outstanding folks and I am sure that none of them would be a mistake if elected. (Thank God it is over).

As the incoming elected President Lisa Wilson will have all the new committee appointments in the Dec. Newsletter as well as who she appoints to replace her term as Director. Anyone wishing to be on a committee please contact Lisa Wilson.

The ARBA National Convention in Reno Oct. 19-23 looks like it is going to be a dandy. Thanks to Julie Jorge and Joanne Walker for taking on the Federation Supt. Job for this show. Julie has the West Coast Team taking care of the plans for the Rooms, the Banquet and the Federation Table. I see the Awards Banquet will be held at Kings Buffet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday night. Thank you Linda Wagner. The Judges will be Dr. Chris Hayhow (The best ever), and Bruce Ormsby (Great Judge). Tamera Jewell, raffle items.

The Federation Scholarship needs those applicants wanting to receive the Scholarship to review the Guidelines, and Application Process. (Located on our Website and internet Site). If you need any help contact our Youth Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Tom Sabrey. I want to thank Hazel Langley for starting this project, and for Tom Sabrey for obtaining funds to support it thru the on line auction. Good Job by all that contributed to this project.

Ryan Lentz has taken over as our New Federation Historian. Thank you Ryan for this and all that you do for the Federation and its members. You and Amanda Rock.

The Federation Board approved another three year term for our Awesome Sec./Trea. Wayne Bechdel. His term will start again on Oct. 30, 2019 thru Oct. 30, 2022. A personal thanks to Wayne for being a good friend and for all he has done for the Federation and its members. No one does it better.

As I get ready to depart the Federation I would like to thank the board members, and all those that have helped the Federation in anyway. We are blessed with lots of great folks. A special thanks to my great Friend Jim Fleming for all he has done for me and the Federation. Jim Designs our Newsletter cover, and also does all the banners for the Convention. The Federation has obtained Thousands of dollars selling the banners at the Conventions. Also A giant Thank you to Katie Mullenax our Webmaster for the outstanding job on our New Federation Website. (You are special).

The Federation Guidebook. Due to ongoing health issues I have taken Scott Wenzel off the Guidebook and have another person volunteer to take on this Giant Project for the Federation. We are expecting to complete the Guidebook in the next two to three months. I am working hand and hand with Lisa Wilson to complete this task. It will include the latest board members that take over on Jan 1, 2020.

The next National Show will be held on April 18, 2020 in Belton, Texas at the Bell County Expo. The Texas Flemish breeders will be hosting this show, and Jack Langley, V.P., will be the contact person. The 2021 show is planned with Lisa Wilson being our contact. And by March any specialty club wishing to host the 2022 Federation National Show put your bids into Lisa Wilson.

A special prayer for Wayne and Beverly Day that were in a car accident resulting in the the loss of Wayne and injury to Beverly. Wayne was a great person who was well liked by all the Flemish Family and will be missed by all that knew him. Prayers for Wayne and his family.

In summary, let’s remember that the rabbits are a hobby, and we need to keep it fun. Work hard every day to bring everyone together. (Over and Out).

For the Membership,

Robert Bomia, President

P.S. Phone 419-304-3068



The National Show for 2019 is history.   Thanks to the Great Lakes Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders , and its members for hosting this wonderful show.   A special Giant Thanks to Jason and Lisa Swenson for hosting the show at their home in Wisconsin, and all the work that you have done for the members.  Also a special thanks to Polly Overmyer for the hours spent insuring that the show was done. To all a Giant thank you. It appears about 300 rabbits were shown by about 60 plus breeders in the open and youth.

Winners of the Youth National Show were Best of Breed, Chloe Clemonts with a Sr. Light Gray Doe, and Emily Quinn , Best Opp Breed with a Sandy Sr. Buck.   . Other winners on Sunday’s shows were CeCe Trensenriter, Shawn Schlickman, Hadyn Tinsley/ Shayne Lentz, and Cole Biesenbender. Congratulations to all you awesome young folks.

Winners in the Open National Show was Best of Breed, Mike Knapp with a Sr. Sandy Doe (This doe has won several large shows recently), and Best Opp Breed went to our V.P. Jack Langley with a Sr. Fawn Buck.   The first two shows were won by the same rabbits and the last show Sunday was won by Gene Gubala and Juan Perez. Congratulations to all. Nothing better than winning a National Show.

The “Next National Show” will be held on April 18, 2020 in Belton, Texas at the Bell County Expo.   The Texas Flemish Giant Breeders will be hosting the show, and Jack Langley will be the contact person.  The 2021 National will be held with the Great South Flemish Breeders, Lisa Wilson contact person. (More info latter).  The new elected President will need to locate the 2022 National Show.

“THE FEDERATION ELECTIONS”:  The upcoming elections for President and three directors will be in July for them to take over on Jan. 1st, 2020.  We have several outstanding candidates for the members to choose from to do the work of the Federation for its members.  Presently it appears we have 4 candidates for President, and 11 Candidates for Director. (GOOD LUCK TO ALL).

“THE GUIDEBOOK”, this giant project has been set back several times from 2015 due to serious health issues with those attempting to complete it.  Presently Scott Wenzel is in very poor health and cannot set up without getting dizzy. Do to the current situation, I am asking for any and all member that can help Scott as volunteers or are able and willing to take over this project to complete it.   Scott, Wayne and I have all the information from the old guidebook and the data for the new one. If you are interested please contact me at .   Thank you in advance.

“THE UPCOMING NATIONAL CONVENTION IN RENO” - This is going to be a great show.  Julie Jorge, President of the WSFGRB and her club members are organized to help support the Federation show for our Federation Members in Reno.   Julie Jorge and Joanne Walker will be Breed Supts., Wayne Bechdel will be the Breed Chairperson. Linda Wagner, and daughter, Rooms and Banquet committee.  Tamera Jewell, raffle items. The judges will be Dr. Chris Hayhow, and Bruce Ormsby. It gets no better, Plan on Reno.

Prayers for all our members that are having health problems.  Keep the Rabbits in perspective as it is a fun hobby. Keep your friends, and continue the greatness of the Federation.   

Regards, for the membership,

Robert Bomia, President

PS:  Phone 419-304-3068



We are hoping that all of the Federation members have made it through the winter with the Rabbits ok?   It has been a brutal winter in the North and it got real cold. I know most of you get the Domestic Rabbits and in the last copy it was so good to see Dr. Chris Hayhow inducted into the “Hall of Fame”.  What a great guy and most deserving of this top award. Congratulations to Dr. Hayhow from the Flemish Breeders.

Upcoming elections coming up in 2019 for President and three directors.  Any Federation Member wishing to serve as President, or Director must have a petition signed by (5) members in good standing in the Federation and mail it to Wayne Bechdel, Sec. /Treas.  Prior to June 1st, 2019.  Those elected will take charge of the Federation positions they are elected on Jan. 1st, 2020. (Good Luck to all that participate in this club function).

Scott Wenzel has had serious health issues and we wish him Full recovery.  He is back working on the Guidebook and has a March Deadline or prior to the 2019 Federation National show to complete this giant task.  Prayers for you Scott.

Our 2019 Flemish Giant National Show (16th annual) will be held on May 25th, 2019.  The show is hosted by “Great Lakes Flemish Giant Specialty Club”, Wayne Bechdel , President.  The show will be held at Jason and Lisa Swenson’s wonderful home in Wisconsin. The National Show will be held on May 25th, and will be followed by a double specialty show on May 26th, 2019.  This will be a great show, plan on attending this wonderful event.

The 2020 National Show will be held in Texas, more information to come.  We need bids from Specialty Clubs that are interested in holding the National Show in 2021 sent to Robert Bomia ASAP.   We have not missed a National Show from its start in 2003. Keep up the good work.

The ARBA Convention will be in Reno this year (Sounds romantic).  Julie Jorge, President of the WSFGRB and her club members are organized to help support the Federation Show, and its functions at Reno.  (Pacific Coast Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders). Julie Jorge, and Joanne Walker will be the Breed Supts.. Wayne Bechdel will be the Breed Chairperson.  Linda Wagner , and daughter, Rooms and Banquet. Chairpersons, Les, Joanne, Julie and Wayne awards committee. Tamera Jewell, raffle items. Looking forward to RENO, save your money and the date.  The judges will be Dr. Chris Hayhow, and Bruce Ormsby. It gets no better. See you in Reno.Tom Sabrey our Youth Chairperson will be working on extending our Youth Scholarship Funds into the Future.  We presently have collected $3400 thanks to all those that contributed and Tom for making this a reality. Tom Sabrey and the Youth Committee will be working on the first Federation Youth Members to be given Scholarships from the Federation and its members.   Hats off to all.

Katie Mullenax, has done an outstanding job on our new Federation Web site at https:/NFFGRB. ORG/.   She is very positive in working with all to improve and perfect our website. Congratulations to Katie for an awesome job.   She has been updating the breeders section. To be on the breeders listings it costs $15 per year. This money goes to help support the Website expenses.  

Prayers for all the Federation Members that are having health problems.  Keep the rabbits in perspective as it is a fun hobby. Keep your friends, Keep it fun.  May all your nest boxes be full of Grand Champions. Till we meet at the shows.

Regards, for the membership,

Robert Bomia, President

Phone:  419-304-3068


DEC 2018

The ARBA Convention in West Springfield, Massachusetts is over and everyone able to attend seemed to enjoy the week showing the Giants and spending time with their Federation Members.  Thanks to Wayne Bechdel, Breed Chairperson, Lisa Wilson, Breed Supt., Isabella DeSilva, Banquet Chairperson, Andrew, Pam, CeCe, and Emily Hambright family for the Federation Booth. Also all those that helped work during the convention Amanda Hutcheson, Joanne Walker, Kathy Rynard and all the others that wrote carried rabbits, or manned the booth during the week.

Thanks to Pam, Cece, Emily and Andrew for the awesome booth that got 1st place at the Convention.  Also Jim Fleming my buddy for the wonderful banners.  Second year in a row as 1st place booth, way to go team.

Youth Recognition Awards, “The Youth of the year” were announced by our Youth Chairperson Tom Sabrey.   Those being recognized by the Federation this year were: Shayne Lentz, Haydn Tinsley, Shawn & Avery Schlickman, and Chloe Clemets.   A giant Congratulations and keep up the good work. Also , Thanks to Tom Sabrey for contributing $3,300 to the youth Scholarship fund thru the internet auction this year.  Thank you Tom for your awesome contributions to our youth.

Master Breeders award were presented by Wayne Bechdel, Chairperson to Mike Knapp, and Lisa and Donnie Wilson… Way to go and congratulations.   Also presented was the induction into the Federation Honor Roll for all the work they have contributed to the Federation and its members was Lisa and Donnie Wilson.  Thank you for all you do.

Best of Breed Open Carlo & Fern Zappia, and Best opp Breed Mike Knapp.  My buddie Dan Brink had best Display. The John Coon award for best sandy fur went to Wayne Bechdel.  The Youth Best of breed and Best opp. Went to Eric & Drew Rosendale. A giant congratulations for all your work to achieve these awesome awards.  Also thanks to Anne Murdock and Mr. Rosendale for doing the auction at the banquet.

We have a new website thanks to Katie Mullenax our new webmaster.  You can find it at https://NFFGRB.ORG/ .   A giant thank you to Dick Gehr and Norma Hart for the work on our past website.   Our condolences to Dick and family on the loss of Norma this year.

Our upcoming National Show will be held in Wisconsin this year at the home of Jason and Lisa Swenson.  The Great Lakes Flemish Giant Regional specialty club, Wayne Bechdel, President will be hosting the Federation National show this spring.

The National Show in 2020 will be held in Texas, and the bids for the 2021 National Show need to be sent to Robert Bomia prior to March of 2019.  Anyone wanting to serve on committee’s please notify Robert Bomia.

The ARBA Convention will be in Reno next year.  Julie Jorge, President of the WSFGRB and her club members are organized to help support the Federation Show for its members at Reno.   (Pacific Coast Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders). Julie Jorge and Joanne Walker will be Breed Supts., Wayne Bechdel will be Breed Chairperson.  Linda Wagner, and daughter, Rooms & Banquet chairpersons, Les, Joanne, Julie and Wayne awards committee. Tamera Jewell, raffle items. Look forward to the convention, save your money for Reno.  The judges will be Dr. Chris Hayhow, and Bruce Ormsby. It gets no better.

Prayers for all of our members that are having health problems.  Keep the rabbits in perspective as it is just a fun hobby. Keep your friends, and continue the greatness of the Federation and keep it fun.  

Regards, for the membership

Robert Bomia, President

PS.  Phone: 5419-304-3068, e-mail: