The Federation grants up to three (3) awards annually to outstanding Flemish Youth who have demonstrated an active interest in promoting the Flemish Giant breed and the Federation Awards will be made on the basis of the attached guidelines.   Awards will be announced at the Flemish banquet held annually at the ARBA national convention.  Nominations are judged by the Youth Committee.   

Completed Applications for the Nominate should be sent to:      




 This fund will be controlled by the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders.   The Executive Board can change any information on this Scholarship Program at any time with majority approval of the current NFFGRB Board.

  1. All assets of this fund will be raised by voluntary contributions and fund raisers independent of NFFGRB finances.

  2. Assets of this fund will not be used for any purpose other than awarding scholarships to qualified and approved members.

  3. The amount and number of scholarships will be determined by the board of directors of the NFFGRB.   The NFFGRB Scholarship Committee will evaluate all applicants and suggest to the Board how many applicants are approved by this committee to be eligible to receive scholarship money.

  4. All assets of this fund will be maintained by the Secretary of the NFFGRB.  The Scholarship money will be reported in the Yearly Sec/Trea. Financial report and posted in the December Newsletter. 

  5. Scholarships will be paid by the NFFGRB secretary after approval of the NFFGRB Executive Board (Majority Approval required).

  6. Scholarship will be awarded only when sufficient funds are available.  Scholarships will be awarded as equally and fairly as possible.

  7. The NFFGRB scholarship committee will consist of four members.  The chairperson will be the Chairperson of the NFFGRB Youth Committee and three members from the Youth Committee selected at the direction of the Scholarship chairperson and with approval of the board.  Note: The Scholarship chairperson may request to have any member changed with approval of the board if they are related to any applicants.

  8. The Scholarship committee will be responsible for selection of scholarship recipient(s).  Application Forms will be available on the NFFGRB website. Any questions can be directed to the Scholarship Chairperson.

  9. The selected recipient(s) will be announced at the National Convention Awards banquet if possible.  All awards will be posted in the December Federation Newsletter by report of the NFFGRB scholarship chairperson.   

  10. Applications will not be accepted from any applicant(s) with a family member on the scholarship committee at the time the application would be considered.

  11. The NFFGRB scholarship will be awarded for college of vocational school.

  12. Scholarships will be paid to the recipient(s) upon satisfactory completion of their first semester of extended education.

  13. Any Application found to be containing false, fraudulent or inaccurate information will disqualify the applicant immediately.

  14. In case of a tie, the NFFGRB scholarship committee will revote only on the tied applicants, and if still tied the scholarship tie will be broken by the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee.  



 Applicant must understand and read all guidelines for scholarship requirements and insure that they respond to all requirements of the NFFGRB Scholarship Guidelines, Qualifications and Application process.   All Applications with all required information to be sent to the NFFGRB Scholarship Chairperson By Sept. 1st.  (Any questions contact the Scholarship chairperson.)

  1. Applicants must be a member  in Good standing with the NFFGRB and actively engaged in breeding and showing of Flemish Giants for at least (3) years.   The records should show the Applicant to show in a min. of 5 ARBA, and NFFGRB sanctioned show per each year.

  2. Applicants may apply for a scholarship through the age of 23.  

  3. Applicants must have graduated from high school with at least a ā€œCā€ average.  (GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 system.) If attending or at graduation year form high school, applicant must submit an official high school transcript and a photo.  If home schooled must submit home school grade transcript signed by parent or guardian and a photo. If Vocational training must submit official transcript and photo of themselves the NFFGRB Scholarship is to be used for college or vocational school.

  4. Individual can copy an Application for NFFGRB Scholarship from the NFFGRB Website at www.NFFGRB.Org .  All applications must be filled out and postmarked no later than Sept. 1st.    The NFFGRB Scholarship Chairperson will send copies of all Applicants to committee to make decisions on recipients prior to the Yearly ARBA Convention, or results to be posted in NFFGRB December Newsletter. 

  5. The applicant must submit any combination of two (2) letters of recommendation from a teacher/ or member of the NFFGRB in good standing.  No letters of recommendations will be allowed from NFFGRB Officers, Directors, parents/relatives or tutors.

  6. Application must be made and approved each year.  This Scholarship is for (1) year, and applicant must apply for consideration each year, as long as he/she is qualified.

  7. Advice:  The more information applicant can supply to the Scholarship committee will help the Committee make good decisions.  The more positive information may help the committee divide the candidates.

  8. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee, and the Amount of the Scholarship as approved by the majority of the NFFGRB board are final. 

  9.  Applicants should include their College acceptance letters and Vocational school acceptance letters with your application.  NOTE: As listed in guidelines item 13, recipients(s) will be paid upon satisfactory completion of their first semester of extended education.